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About Pinnacle Chiropractic

Reaching for the Top

The Pinnacle Chiropractic TeamSince 2003, Dr. Paul Baird has been helping people in Lehi and American Fork & Saratoga Springs enjoy higher levels of health than they currently have. The pinnacle is the top of the top, so our team is here to help patients like you reach a greater quality of function, a higher quality of health and a higher quality of life.

My mission is to help people live life on a higher level. If we can improve your health, then we can change your life.

Get the Care You Need Most

Regardless of your health history, we’ll meet you where you are with your health. We’ll offer gentle care and recommendations for thorough healing. The rest is up to you! We’ll work together to help you take your health to a whole new level as you achieve greatness.

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind program that combines the best of gentle chiropractic care, nonsurgical Spinal Decompression, MedX Spinal Rehabilitation and manual therapy. Through our exclusive set of services, we can provide the most comprehensive care available, with results that we can prove using our unique nerve scan. We offer:

  • Relief Care. Discover the relief you’ve been looking for and deserve.
  • Family Care. We help newborns to 98 year olds live better!
  • Wellness Care. Once you get well, we’ll help you stay well and feel great.
  • Rehab Care. We use the rehab machines, stretching and exercises to retrain and rebuild core and supporting muscles.

New Beginning, Better Lives

Relief or wellness care... it's your choice.When you come to see us, we’ll help you realize that you can function better, have better health, and through that, have a better life. “I love seeing my patients change, come in sick and over the course of time, heal!” Dr. Paul Baird is happy to hear when patients are able to do things that they weren’t able to do before. Whether it’s bending over easier, being able to play with your grandkids, or be healthier, we’ll help you change your life.

I flew in specifically for Dr. Baird’s treatment plan and I’d definitely do it again! His treatment has definitely helped my quality of life where I can walk briskly for a couple miles, swim and stand for household chores.

Annette from Hawaii

Are you ready to see how we can help you change your life? Contact us, and let’s get started!

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