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New Patient Expectations

A Chiropractor’s Promise

Every aspect of your body is controlled by the brain through the nervous system. Interference in your nervous system, often caused by stresses, causes your body to break down and shut down. “As a chiropractor, I look for where the nerve interference is so we can remove it and allow your body to heal and function better.”

Your First Visit

When you first arrive, Vicki will welcome you, ensure your paperwork is completed and guide you on a tour of the office so you can get acquainted with all that we have to offer.

You’ll meet Dr. Paul Baird. He’ll get to know you and learn what brought you in, what’s going on with your health and how he can help you. Once we understand your needs, we’ll do a scan using the Subluxation Station that helps us learn precisely where the nerve interference is and what is causing your problem. In most cases, this will conclude your first visit. You can expect this visit to last around 40 minutes to one hour.

Your Second Visit

We’ll review your nerve scan results and discuss how chiropractic care can help you change your life. It’s important to us that you understand why we do what we do and recommend what we recommend. So, we’ll spend the time to ensure you know where your health stands and where it can go. We’ll also answer any questions you may have about finances and insurance.

If you’re ready to begin care, we’ll adjust you and do any recommended therapies that will help you heal faster and stay well longer. This visit usually lasts around one hour.

Making Wellness Easy

The patients that continue to visit us for wellness care choose to visit us. This is because they’ve noticed the positive difference care makes in how they feel and function. Once they reach their health goals, they know it’s important to maintain their lifestyle to stay well and that includes simple visits to our office on occasion.

We strive to make visits convenient and effective, so you can live your best life without spending too much time in our office. In most cases, normal appointments will include an adjustment and any additional therapies needed. These visits usually last less than 20 minutes. Periodically, we’ll do a re-scan to ensure we’re on track with your healing and health goals.

Are you ready to begin? We invite you to stop in or contact us today; we’re here to help!

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