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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Pinnacle Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact the office if you have any questions.

Dr. Paul Baird

Doing What I Love Again

Feeling Wonderful and Getting Better

Relief From an Injured Achilles Tendon

Relief From a Herniated Disk in Neck

Complete Health Care & Rehab

Riding my Horses Again

Back Pain Relief

A Miracle In My Life

Playing Sports Better

More Neck Flexibility & Movement

Help with my Baby’s Torticollis

Caring About the Individual Person

Thank you for caring about the individual person and understanding what the need is for us to really feel like we are in the right place, at the right time, learning the right things to progress in getting well.

~ Anika W. ~ West Jordan, UT

Help with Low Back Pain from Pregnancy

In my first month of pregnancy, I started getting shooting pains in my lower back and was referred to Dr. Baird by a coworker and got in that same afternoon! (AWESOME!) He started treating and adjusting me and I’ve just gotten better and better. My baby is due any day now and I feel great for the most part. I can’t imagine what kind of aches and pains I would have had if I hadn’t come to Pinnacle Chiropractic, and I am glad I didn’t have to deal with them.

~ Anika W. ~ West Jordan, UT

Relief from Headaches and Neck Pain

I have been under Chiropractic care for several years for headaches and neck pain following car accidents. I received a gift card from a football fundraiser and was pleased to find what Dr. Baird had to offer. For the past four months, I have been receiving treatment and have noticed significant improvement in my symptoms, especially ones I had considered “Chronic” from the car accidents. I am excited about the rehabilitation treatments and am hopeful about rebuilding strength in my weakened muscles. In addition to the physical treatment, the office staff is very supportive of me and my needs. Personal and compassionate service is obviously a primary focus. Dr. Baird and his staff are also active in community needs. In the time I have been coming here, I have had the opportunity to participate in a food drive and a blood drive that the office had organized.

~ Brenda A. ~ Saratoga Springs. UT

No More Mood Swings and Anger Issues

My son Stephan has been seeing Dr. Baird for about a year & half, for a mild curve in his spine. After starting his chiropractic care I noticed he seemed different. He was happy! Stephan has had horrible mood swings and temper problems since he was a baby. For about 6 months Stephan saw Dr. Baird regularly then summer came and he was too busy to come in. The mood swings, anger issues, and temper problems returned. As soon as school started and he began seeing Dr. Baird again the mood swing and bad temper once again disappeared.

I know that the regular adjustments from Dr. Baird are what keeps him more level in his mood swings, and better able to control his temper. Dr. Baird has given me the happy child I always wanted.

~ Christi H. ~ Lehi, UT

My Back is Stronger

After sustaining a back injury at work, I began a treatment program which consisted of pain killers and physical therapy. After a month of feeling like my back was getting worse, I decided to give chiropractic and Dr. Paul Baird a try. After the first 2 visits I saw immediate improvement. The pain decreased by about 40% and I was able to see improvement with almost every visit. Not only did he treat the injury, but Dr. Baird started me on a strengthening program after the pain had gone away. Today my back feels stronger than it did before the injury. That feeling is not subjective. Through different strength tests and exercises offered by Dr. Baird, I was able to see real, concrete, objective results. Do not delay your recovery! Give Dr, Baird a try today.

~Gerald McC. ~ Lehi, UT

I Feel Like Me Again!

It’s good to feel good! I feel like me again! I had felt achy & tired all the time. I also had some pain in my right hip & knee. I also experienced feelings of depression & lacked enthusiasm for doing. Life is worth living again. Good health is a wonderful blessing. Previously, I had wondered if it was all a part of growing older, but now I feel I have many good years ahead.

Thank you Dr. Baird & Staff.

~Marilee S. ~ Lehi, UT

My Body is Strong and Fit

I feel like I did in my 40’s, 20 years ago! My body is strong and more fit and I’m able to lift 25 lbs stacks of produce.

~Marsha H. ~ Lehi, UT

Worth the Trip from Hawaii

For 4.5 months, Dr. Paul Baird treated my ailing back pinched nerves and back/ leg pain using electrical stimulation, traction, adjustments, then finally strength training on the rotation, neck and back equipment. I flew in specifically for Dr. Baird’s treat plan from Hawaii and I definitely do it again!!! His treatment has definitely helped my quality of life where I can walk briskly for a couple miles, swim, stand for household chores, etc.

During all treatments, he and his staff gave me TLC and where wonderful to me: Eileen and Lorie Ferquson, and Vicki are cheerful, supportive people. Thanks to Dr. Baird (A WINNER) and his staff.


~Annette S. ~ Hawai

Solutions After a Car Accident

I have longed been skeptical at going to a chiropractor. This last November I was in a severe car roll over, after a couple of days I could hardly move and was experiencing a lot of pain. I was referred to Dr. Baird’s office by a good friend. So I called for an appointment, and they got me right in. Dr. Baird explained to me what had happened to my neck and back in the accident and told me that I would feel better right after my appointment but after a day or so I would be right back to where I was today, and maybe a little worse. I went ahead with the treatment and he was right. I did feel a lot better, but by my next appointment I was in the same boat, and probably a little worse, but after going 3 times a week for a month, I started improving a lot. We started the Medx Machines (spinal rehabilitation) for strength, now after three months of 2 times a week, I’m feeling much, much better, no pain, better range of motion in my neck than what I had even before the accident. I would highly recommend Dr. Baird, and his staff, they have been great.

~Rick C. ~ Alpine, UT

My Back Feels Better Than it Has For Years

I injured my back moving a piano down two flights of stairs, September 1937. For about fifty years I have had minor problems with back pain. In my old age (84 years) minor became major. The medical doctors said an operation had a fifty percent chance of reducing or elimination the pain. In the mean time don’t lift more than twenty pounds. I know from experienced that was good advice.

I didn’t like the odds, so when I heard about Dr. Baird’s program, I decided to give it a try. After about three months of treatments I am lifting fifty or more pounds pain free. My back feels better than it has for years.

I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Baird to all who have back problems.

~Glenn S. ~ Provo, UT

Now I Can Do the Things I Want to Do

For years I have suffered from back pain, having children made it worse. With my last child my sciatic pain was so bad I had to use a walker for almost the whole pregnancy. I had been going to a chiropractor but it really wasn’t helping. About a year and a half ago my friend and I got into an accident, the lady hit us from behind. My friend referred me to Dr. Baird.I was in a lot of pain and was worried I would never feel better. Little did I know that this accident was a blessing in disguise. I have been able to get the help I need because of the accident. Since my last child I had not been sleeping well, walking was painful, I had headaches frequently. I couldn’t play with my kids for very long and I couldn’t do a lot of things I wanted to do. I started going to Dr. Baird in Sept. and when I went to camp in June. I was able to hike for hours without any pain. I truly believe that the rehab and therapy I have received had changed my life. Who knew an accident would be the answer.

~Melissa W. ~ Lehi, UT

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